Feb 4, 2013

Jeff Orlowski - Behind the Scenes of "Chasing Ice", Talks at Google

Published on Feb 4, 2013

The award-winning director of "Chasing Ice" talks about his experiences in the making of the film on the Google campus.

In 2007, Jeff Orlowski got his first taste of the Arctic when as a Stanford student he seized an opportunity to work as a videographer with National Geographic photographer James Balog on the initial expedition of The Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). That winter, the EIS team scouted and filmed glaciers that now appear in the documentary feature film Chasing Ice.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian says about this film:

"Even wild-eyed neocons might reconsider their declarations that global warming is a hoax after seeing the work of photographer James Balog, whose images of shrinking glaciers offer startling proof that our planet is indeed being ravaged by climate change (and it's getting exponentially worse)."

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