Jul 8, 2013

St. Louis Cardinals 2011 - Cardinal Nation - YouTube

#CardinalsNationTV - OffDayTV
created by our own Jess Cardinals FANatic back when we were at 100 fans. Still never gets old. She can be seen in the video (can you find her) she includes the glimpse of our Cardinals Legends and much much more...
Great parallel with Freese and Edmonds down to the home plate welcome committee
#33 Descalso (2011WS) & #33 Larry Walker (2004NLCS)
Our MISSION: be the last Team standing!


Tribute to Cardinal Nation's past, present, and future; highlighting the 2011 world series. Thank you Cardinal players for all the memories you gave/give to us fans. LET'S GO CARDS!!!

Thanks to David Freese for retweeting and commenting on this video-pretty sure that is why it got as many views as it did.

ALSO endless gratitude to my team, the St. Louis Cardinals, for also posting the video. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have been able to make this video! Literally. There would be no footage.

AND thanks to Matt Holliday for retweeting the vid as well.

AND AND thanks to Jason Motte for retweeting the vid, too. Jason is awesome, and he talks to fans, which is really really awesome. And he is funny, which is even more awesome. He's just awesome.

AND OF COURSE thanks to all the Cardinal tweeps/peeps around the world who helped this video spread like wildfire! I love reading your comments, & I love being a part of Cardinal Nation with you all!

*I do not own copyrights to most of the footage. Footage belongs to MLB, Fox, KMOX, TBS, etc. Song is edited version of "The Mighty Rio Grande" by This Will Destroy You. Buy it on Itunes because it is also awesome. No copyright intended.*

*I am a girl. But it is still ok if you continue calling me "man," "dude," "guy," "he's awesome," "bud," or "brother." I do not take offense at the assumption that a "dude" made the video. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, you know. I just prefer the one at Busch Stadium...

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St. Louis Cardinals 2011 - Cardinal Nation - YouTube

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