Mar 7, 2014

A Discussion on Ecology Ethics with Joel Salatin -- MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR - YouTube

Bryan Welch, Publisher of Mother Earth News, sat down with Farmer/Philosopher Joel Salatin at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair in Seven Springs, PA. Joel has written multiple books including Fields of Farmers, The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer and Everything I Want to do is Illegal. He lives and works on his multi-generational farm, Polyface Farms, in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, where he and his family raise pastured meats and organic crops.
In this conversation we learn why at the end of the day it's much more satisfying to do physical labor rather than to "blink your existence into cyberspace" and the many ways we can be good stewards of the land.

More on Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Living from MOTHER EARTH NEWS: Providing high-quality food for your family year-round takes foresight and planning, plus healthy doses of commitment and follow-through. Whether you grow as much of your food as you can or you source it from local producers, the guidelines here will help you decide how much to produce or purchase. The charts linked to in "Plan How Much to Grow" later in this article will also help you estimate how much space you'll need — both in your garden to grow the crops, and in your home and pantry or root cellar to store preserved foods.

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A Discussion on Ecology Ethics with Joel Salatin -- MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR - YouTube

Mar 3, 2014

Weather --- 'Know you Risk'

As we move into National Severe Weather Preparedness week, today is 'Know you Risk'. This map shows active watches and warnings for the entire U.S. over land and coastal waters:

It updates every five minutes. Thanks National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration!