Jul 8, 2011

How-To: Bucket Chair - by dakremer @ LumberJocks.com

Hey Guys. This is something I thought of today (on my day off) and built within a couple of hours. I didnt use any plans….just an idea in my head. I am going fishing tomorrow and needed somewhere to keep my fish and sit, so decided why not do both at once. I used all scrap pine wood – 1X4’s and 2X4’s (I ran out towards the end and had to finish up with OSB). It sits pretty comfortable, and the height is perfect!

Its definitely not going to win any fine wood working awards, but its pretty solid and works great! This could obviously be made much nicer, with nicer wood, nicer joints, etc, etc, but I needed it quick for tomorrows fishing trip. I think if I had more time to design it, I’d do the hinge part differently. It works well, but I dont like the looks of it. I’d also “fancy up” the part that sits in the bucket….its kind of bulky. But that added height is perfect for sitting. Maybe make it out of one solid piece instead of the smaller piece screwed on….

It could be used for other things as well. You can buy those tool/screw holders for 5-gallon buckets. If you’re on the job, you’ll always have a place to sit and have your tools handy.

Anyways. Enjoy. If you decide to build one of your own, make sure to post it. I’d love to see other designs people come up with!

Project is posted HERE on lumberjocks with more pictures….


 Great job...!   Monte

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