Feb 7, 2013

"Wanton Destruction of Our Mother Earth" - Reading Roundup - NYTimes.com

Wasting energy: This NASA satellite image shows how the gas being burned off at the Bakken oil field in North Dakota is almost as bright as the light emitted from major U.S. cities such as Minneapolis-St Paul and Chicago
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Up in flames: A ground flare burns gas at a well near Ray, North Dakota, where about 30 per cent of the natural gas produced is burned as waste
The American shale boom, as seen from space, rivals the electrical output of major cities.

VIDEO NASA captures amazing images of Earth at night

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Speaking of potential water pollution: here’s an incredible view of shale gas production from space (in which gas fields now burn nearly as bright as big cities). Meanwhile, the Times Magazine visits “lucky” North Dakota in the midst of its shale boom.

"Wanton Destruction of Our Mother Earth" many more examples --> Weekly Reading Roundup - NYTimes.com  Great Article! .... Monte

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