Mar 2, 2012

55-gallon TLUD - Biochar Making - Micro-gasification - Biogas Fracking - Earth Renewal Alliance

Gas Flare early in the 5th TLUD burn

Brad Rush monitors the first burn in a 55-gallon TLUD
Making Biochar in a 55-gallon TLUD
First Burn
Friday January 27, 2012
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At Four Oaks Farm in north Topeka, we take optimum nutrition, climate change and sustainable living seriously. So, we convert local biomass into charcoal ("biochar"), which we add to soils to grow high quality "nutrient-dense" food that is "carbon-negative."

Thus, we sequester carbon out of the air into soil to grow crops with superior health and foods with superior nutrition. Just one of many ways we prepare for our impending shift to a sustainable society. We're exploring farming methods, food production and quality standards that are the foundation of sustainable communities and culture in the 21st Century.    Full Story 

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