Mar 1, 2012

Mike Cheiky, founder of CoolPlanet Energy Systems, on negative carbon liquid fuels and technology for the mass production of fuels around the world

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The fact is that plants have a carbon-negative phase - a time during which they remove carbon from the atmosphere. But they give it back in another phase, unfortunately. What if there was a way to take plant waste (like corn husks) and turn it into bio fuels? What if this also removed carbon from our atmosphere? What if the same process also produced a substance that would help turn deserts back into productive crop land? What if this process could be done on an industrial scale but also could be made self-contained in a small village so that farmers all over the world could get the economic benefits of producing bio fuels with their agricultural waste and simultaneously help clean our atmosphere? Too good to be true? Mike Cheiky is the President and Founder of CoolPlanet Energy Systems, which is developing carbon negative fuels.
Appears they are doing it in the lab now... 
GOOGLE, BP, GE, NRG, ConocoPhillips, Constellation Energy, Shea Ventures, and North Bridge...  

Giant Miscanthus
November 2011

January 2012
Hines Farm test plot - 3 years - grows to 14'-16' - does not go down in winds.

This process can change the world!!!

We know and grow giant miscanthus on a testing, small scale basis... Can average 20 tons to the acre. It is a perennial and grows with very little input. Nitrogen all goes back in ground in fall. Harvest once a year in winter/spring. Starts growing in late April and stops in November. Has 15'-30' roots. Grows on rough marginal lands. Does not have to interfere with crop land. Grows only by rhizome (problem/ benefit) - controllable but 3 years to populate. 

University of Illinois has and is doing much research ($50 million grant from BP)

Beauty of this is that it has to be implemented locally due to the bulk/weight of crop, requiring short transportation distances to be effective.

Local communities would flourish...

Always was a fan of Biochar and Miscanthus...!!!  Monte and Eileen

From their website:
  • "CoolPlanet Energy Systems is developing revolutionary negative carbon fuels based on plant photosynthesis which absorb carbon from the air. We can make exact replacements for gasoline that will operate in your current cars and, we can make even more advanced superfuels for even higher gas mileage and better performance in future vehicles. Our CoolPlanetBioFuels division will deploy this technology for the mass production of fuels around the world."
  • "CoolPlanet's vision is to provide this revolutionary fuel technology at a cost highly competitive with fossil fuels, thus eliminating dependence on foreign oil and reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide with no added cost to the consumer."
Latest News:
February 14th 2012
CoolPlanet welcomes Constellation Energy as an investor along with Google, GE, BP, ConocoPhillips, NRG. Shea Ventures and North Bridge

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Energy for the future said...

Hmm in school we are only taught that plants take carbon, we are not told about them giving it back. We for sure need to think about the future. It is alarming to me how many people live with their head in space denying any problems. I live in Oil country, I guess for some it is easy to deny an energy crisis when you get the kind of wages they get, its probably better to live in denial. I am always excited to hear green news, and progressive thinking, so good for Cool Planet Energy Systems and their investors such as Constellation Energy and others.
Great blog - hello from a hobby farm in Canada. Enjoyed.

Charles Kirkland said...

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