Feb 15, 2012

University of Minnesota YouTube Video Play List - YouTube

My University of Minnesota YouTube Video Play List
environment.umn.edu - University of Minnesota - Institute on the Environment 

- All these videos are well done and convey important messages... Lots of good information on what is agriculture doing to our environment, tipping points, engineering, history of economic changes on the world, animations of global trends, sustainability, energy, polyculture vs monoculture, 2nd generation bio-fuels, Mississippi River, Lake Superior warming, ... Monte

15:22Watched Biofuels: Beyond the Headlinesby UMNIonE4,630views
22:07Watched Convincing the Climate Change Skepticsby UMNIonE1,818views
36:56Watched IREE Innovatorsby UMNIonE721views
42:49Watched Inspiration to Applicationby UMNIonE73views
51:50Watched Action Heroesby UMNIonE389views
64:22Watched Lake Superior and Climate Change: Part 3by UMNIonE596views
73:16Watched Biofuels: The Next Generationby UMNIonE549views
81:14Watched E3 at a Glanceby UMNIonE55views
91:30Watched A River Runs Through Itby UMNIonE318views
103:15Watched Planetary Boundariesby UMNIonE738views

114:09Watched River Reflectionsby UMNIonE301views

123:03Watched Big Question: Feast or famine?by UMNIonE34,021views
131:51Watched Making the Mississippiby UMNIonE103views
141:22Watched Water for Mulobere Trailerby UMNIonE1,744views
153:17Watched Big Question: Is Earth past the tipping point?by UMNIonE11,134views
162:37Watched Biodiversity Research at Cedar Creekby UMNIonE455views
173:08Watched The Right Time and Placeby UMNIonE695views
183:31Watched Lake Superior and Climate Change: Part 1by UMNIonE931views
193:42Watched Lake Superior and Climate Change: Part 2by UMNIonE767views
203:34Watched Environment + Entrepreneurship = NISE Ideaby UMNIonE403views
213:16Watched Big Question: What is nature worth?by UMNIonE31,840views
221:05Watched 60-Second IonEby UMNIonE1,171views
2338:39Watched Momentum 2011: Majora Carterby UMNIonE703views
243:39Watched Excerpts of Majora Carter from Momentum 2011by MNIonE195views
2536:40Watched Water for Mulobereby UMNIonE426views
263:24Watched Secondhand Smoke and Blood Pressureby UMNIonE210views
2732:33Watched Momentum 2011: Hans Roslingby UMNIonE3,405views
283:33Watched Excerpts of Hans Rosling from Momentum 2011by MNIonE988views
2938:30Watched Momentum 2011: Sylvia Earleby UMNIonE322views
303:36Watched Excerpts of Sylvia Earle from Momentum 2011by UMNIonE202views
311:19Watched Momentum Event Highlightsby UMNIonE616views

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