Feb 14, 2012

Greenwashing light bulbs

Uploaded by paulwheaton12 on Dec 18, 2011

The adventures of Mr. Stinkypants! Starting off with a career in light bulb engineering, Mr. Stinkypants finds out that he is not the only person trying to make a better light bulb. His career starts out with incandescent lights and later he moves to the world of fluorescent lights - or CFLs. Thes story starts out with a re-creation of "the light bulb conspiracy" covered in about 60 seconds. But this topic is far better covered in the documentary "planned obsolescence" http://www.permies.com/t/8560/frugality/planned-obsolescence-documentary 

Then the story pops into talking about the new fangled fluorescent light - CFL. This true story is about a thousand times richer than what I present here. This story skips past the CFL claims for lifespan, toxicicity and price. It does tell a story that I think most people don't know - the CFL is subsidized before you buy it so it appears to be much cheaper than it really is. Then it talks about the ban on the traditional incandescent light bulb. My article and my other videos convey my position that our energy problems are not going to be solved with light bulb choice. Frankly, focusing on heating will make a far bigger difference. In fact, in households where people might think that lightbulb choice could save energy, I think that household could save far more by learning to turn off the lights and far more still by developing a better heating strategy. My article does a much better job of exploring incandescent vs. fluorescent. Maybe someday my drawing skills will evolve to something resembling actual animation or a cartoon.

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