Jan 28, 2012

How Rocket Stoves and Rocket Stove Mass Heaters Work! --- Magic Marker and White Board Talk

Part 1

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Part 2

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Ever wonder what the big deal is about rocket stoves is? I mean how is it better than a camp fire or a wood stove. In this video I try to explain the benefits of the rocket stove system, explain how it works and why it's so efficient. Then in the second video I show how the rocket stove can be adapted to heating your home by adding the mass heater component to the rocket stove system.  vention

Excellent Magic Marker and White Board Talk on How Rocket Stoves and Rocket Stove Mass Heaters Work! ... Great job of teaching principles...! 

"Magic Marker and White Board Talk" supplements the 
Rocket Mass Heaters - Book , and the excellent work of Paul Wheaton and others like Ernie and Erica Wisner explaining and showing rocket stove technology.

Podcast-104-rocket-mass-heaters-with-ernie-and-erica/ - Must listen to before building your first RSMH!

Rocket stove technology is great because it is very low cost,  efficient, effective, and environmental friendly, if applied appropriately. 

Rocket Stove Mass Heaters are a very good "grassroots" and "community" technology, and not easily commercialized, due to size and weight...  Monte Hines

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