Dec 20, 2011

Rocket Mass Heater Project

by The BReNTSTeR

These are some shots from a small project I took on the combat boredom and possibly get some free heat from scrap wood. So far I am very happy with the results. I don't really care about safety or fires etc. I just wanted to have some fun. You should probably not try this at home. Thanks to Rob at IWillTry.Org for the inspiration!

Started with an old water heater. I cut the bottom off of the tank.
Me welding on the beast.

The core of the unit. Basically a J shaped tube. All 4 inch.

As it sits in my crib...

During a test burn outside...

I just cut off the heating elements with my grinder so that the holes remained plugged.

This shows the burn tube being fitted into the tank.

I just plugged the holes with 3/4" freeze plugs.

The "ass" of the stove.

Fully assembled, waiting for the tank to be re-sealed.

More test burning.

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