Mar 12, 2012

A Permaculture Farm in Wales - Zoning 101 (Videos) Permaculture Research Institute

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If you are new to permaculture, these three videos provide a delightful living introduction to the topic. As Angie takes you through the different zones on her farm in Wales, UK, you can try to spot how many concepts are integrated into her enthusiastic, holistic descriptions of how permaculture works.

Permaculture is not Organic Farming

In this first video we meet Angie and her family and visit some areas of her farm as we hear explanations of the difference between permaculture and organic farming and why permaculture is important.

Home Zone

This video invites us to visit Angie’s Zone 1 as she shows us the greenhouse, the polytunnel, the gorgeously abundant kitchen garden and the chickens — explaining why all these things need to be close to home and the beneficial results of taking into account the natural behavior of animals in the system as well as why we need to place specific things next to each other.

More than Apples

This third video takes us on a tour of Angie’s orchard as she talks us through why the orchard is further away from the house and introduces us to the concept of a forest garden and how it works in comparison to a commercial monocrop orchard. Going beyond the orchard, we enter Angie’s wildlife zone (Zone 5) consisting of a hay meadow and recently planted native trees for future wood harvesting. As Angie describes this part of her farm you will notice how it is impossible for her not to include a number of different permaculture concepts. Watch out for her description of the living fence!

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