Feb 10, 2012

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L. Steven Sieden

Steven Sieden author of A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All and Buckminster Fuller’s Universe recorded a podcast and video with host Darryl Whalen on his Greenerviews podcast last Monday, February 6. During that interview Sieden talked at length about Bucky Fuller, the fact that Fuller's wisdom is returning to the cultural spotlight and the enormous amount we can all learn from Bucky’s vision and wisdom.

Whalen’s interview covered both Fuller and Sieden’s interest in Fuller and sharing what he has learned from examining Fuller’s life over the past three plus decades. Sieden said, “Bucky Fuller’s life is a template for all of us who want to live as contributing global citizens at this time of great transformation on the planet Fuller named Spaceship Earth. Because he lived as a global citizen doing his best to support all life on Earth for 56 years, Bucky provides a model of how we can each contribute. In addition to my writing, A Fuller View contains essays from 42 global visionaries who have been greatly influenced by Bucky and his work.”

The video and podcast is scheduled to be posted in the next few days and will provide viewers with clear insights into Fuller, his vision and the solutions he provides for us all.

As Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money and Co-founderThe Pachamama Alliance said of A Fuller View: “Buckminster Fuller was one of the greatest teachers I have ever known. This new book, "A Fuller View" brings his incredible teachings into full view at a time when we need to hear his clear and wise voice as never before. I am grateful that Steven Sieden has put together this brilliant piece of work that everyone alive should read. It will blow your mind in the best possible way and set you on a path of truth, transformation and integrity. Buy it, read it, tell everyone! Bucky is back!”

In addition to Sieden’s writing, A Fuller View contains essays from 42 global visionaries including Gary Zukav, John Robbins, Marilyn Schlitz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Werner Erhard, Hunter Lovins, Hazel Henderson, Roshi Joan Halifax, Ocean Robbins, Bill Kauth, Dr. Joel Levey, Kevin Todeschi, David Spangler, Justine Willis Toms, Bobbi DePorter, Ann Medlock, Robert White, Velcrow Ripper, Satyen Raja, David McConville and Stephan Schwartz.

Click here for more information about A Fuller View or to purchase an autographed copy. Click here to purchase a copy this is not autographed for only $13.57.

May Fuller’s solutions support our manifesting Bucky’s dream of “a world that works for everyone.”

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