Dec 3, 2011

Cut Your Heating Bill in Half: Heat the Person Not the House (Video) : TreeHugger

Paul Wheaton can get pretty serious about energy efficiency.

From rocket mass stoves to really tiny houses, he's shared plenty of stories of low impact living already.

And while his criticisms of CFLs may be based on some atypically frugal green households (he believes few light bulbs should ever be used for more than 90 seconds at a time), he does know more than most about the hardcore end of living green.

As someone who's strategy for heating a home office efficiently includes wearing fingerless gloves, I was interested to note Paul's latest video focuses on heating the person, rather than the house. (See Lloyd's post on why insulating your body is cheaper than insulating your house for more on this principle.)

The video is an update to a rather informal, but nevertheless fascinating, article about Paul's personal heating system that includes a dog bed warmer, a heated keyboard, a skirt around his desk and a good old fashioned incandescent light bulb. (Yup, he's still not a fan of CFLs.)

Check it out. Would this approach work for you?

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