Aug 8, 2013

Goats Eat Weeds Ecological Restoration Weed Control Green Alternative

10 Reasons to Manage Weeds with Goats

Do you have unwanted weeds? Are you unable or unwilling to apply herbicides or pesticides to manage them?
Goats can be utilized as an effective bio-control agent to reduce weed populations to economically acceptable levels
Eliminate the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides
Goats eat poisonous plants like Hemlock, Poison Oak, Pampas Grass, blackberry bushes, blooming Yellow Star Thistle, and Mustard species
Renting goats are an eco-friendly fuel reduction benefit
Goats help prevent forest fires—or at best slow a fire down—by eating the dry stuff before the fire season strikes
Goats browse year-round and are an important part of grazing land management
Goats are browsers, whose diet consists of about 70 percent non-grassy species, so they do not to compete with cattle for grass
Goat grazing tends to make good cattle pastures and cattle grazing tends to make good goat pastures
Goats eat 25 percent of their body weight each day
Goat hooves till and aerate the soil and trample in their own fertilizer

Lani Malmberg, owner of Ewe4ic Geological Servcices, uses goats in a controlled grazing environment to gradually and naturally remove weeds and return your land to a healthy, natural ecosystem.

Malmberg wanders the meadows, hillsides and waterways of the West, hooked staff in hand, pitting 1,500 cashmere goats against pockets of unwanted weeds that infest the landscape.

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