Jul 24, 2013

Permaculture: Geoff Lawton at TEDxAjman - YouTube

Published on Jul 3, 2012

About The Speaker:

Geoff Lawton is an internationally - renowned permaculture educator, consultant and practitioner. He emigrated from England to Australia and later studied permaculture with Bill Mollison in Tasmania. He established the Permaculture Research Institute at Tagari Farm in New South Wales, Australia, a 147 acre farmstead previously developed by Mollison. PRI was eventually moved to Zaytuna Farm, in The Channon, where it continues today.

Since 1985, Geoff has designed and implemented permaculture projects in 30 countries for private individuals and groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, & multinational corporations. He has taught the Permaculture Design Certificate course and designed permaculture projects in 30 countries. The Permaculture Research Institute supports the establishments of Permaculture Master Plan sites worldwide as demonstration sites and education centers that network their research information through. www.permacultureglobal.com.

This event was held in Ajman, UAE.
31st of March, 2012

Permaculture: Geoff Lawton at TEDxAjman - YouTube

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