Jun 14, 2013

The Case for No GMO Patents

14 June 2013 11:49By Tony Pereira
(Photo: CT Senate Democrats / Flickr)The June 13, 2013 Supreme Court decision that human genes are not patentable should logically be the first step in reversing three decades of decisions that flouted the previously general understanding that Section 101 of Title 35 U.S.C. prohibited patenting of living organisms.

In the case of genetically modified seeds, strands of DNA from flowers, fish and animals and/or a virus are loaded into a gene gun - sort of a specialized pellet gun - and literally shot into the new seed to be modified in hopes that the inserted DNA will be incorporated by it without further intervention, mix with the seed and take hold, and the "new" plant that will grow from this new seed will replicate and reproduce the new DNA in the new seeds after harvesting.
Full article: The Case for No GMO Patents

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