Jun 22, 2013

David Letterman on "Fracking" !!!

David Letterman gives us his take in fracking.

Perhaps you've notice the similarities between Tobacco advertising and that of the Natural Gas Industry.

Years ago the tobacco industry vehemently denied any connection between smoking and health issues.

Tobacco advertising in the 1950's would often include doctors and other medical professionals in their ads as a method of allaying public concerns. After all if you doctor smoked, what's the harm?

The Natural Gas industry hasn't gone as far as including doctors or even actors dressed up as doctors in their advertising, nonetheless, the advertising and talking points do include words like "Safe", "Natural", "Clean". These words are selected to make the public feel more comfortable.

And it's working on those who just understand the damage fracking is doing to our water supply.

Like Dave said, WE ARE SCREWED!  Monte Hines

Fracking - YouTube

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