Mar 30, 2012

Growing BIG Vegetables using Compost Tea - YouTube

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When you maximize the soil potential, you maximize the plant potential.

- 46 lb celery
- 18 lb carrots
- 35 lb cabbage
- 60 lb swiss chard
- 35 lb zucchini
- 40 potatoes from 1 plant

Healthy plants resists bugs and slugs from eating them. Plants that don't have to spend energy fighting off pests and diseases can focus all their resources on growing bigger. And if you maximize the soil's potential, it will maximize the plant's potential.

Feed the soil, not the plant. Using compost tea to deliver the nutritional equivalent of 500 lbs of compost. All the micro-organisms in the soil are stimulated to such a high point that they give the plant the maximum food for it's production. And more food for the soil means bigger, tastier, healthier veggies. In fact, they are ultra healthy, as measured by their brixx level, which is the amount of plant sugar they contain. In the grocery store, most plants have a Brixx level of between 6 and 10. These plants weigh in at a whopping 20, which means they taste more than twice as good, and are not stringy.

When the compost tea, it causes a bio-film that protects the plant from diseases and insects. Get the largest yield possible. To get their special formula, go to

Applying Compost Tea is a simple way to grow food in greater abundance. Anyone can do it, once you learn how.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Is there anything I should consider as far at the water itself is concerned? Do you use well-water? The water from city resources has floride in it and I can't help but think it might have an impact on the plants.

Monte said...

Should use well water or rainwater