Mar 10, 2012

Geoff Moxham Final Full Lecture - Biochar Lecture - 90min on Vimeo

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This is the final full lecture given by Geoff before his fatal accident in August 2009 and the public release of this video is intended as a second anniversary remembrance tribute for 27/8/2011.

It was part of the ongoing workshops held at The Castle on the Hill in Uki near Mt You can explore all Geoff's work on his website a collection of videos demonstrating various pyrolysis and Biochar production techniques.

This extended 90 minute talk shows Geoff in great form, complete with a supportive slide presentation, pyrolysis gadgets, him munching on Biochar samples, pyromania and his usual, unique Mad Scientist sense of humour.

It's easy to see his skill as a qualified Industrial Arts teacher showing through and his early fascination with Professor Julius Sumner Miller on the TV show 'Why Is It So?', which he watched religiously in the early 60's.

It is also beautiful to watch his sense of fluid movement as he describes his concepts with his whole body and energy field. As a Tai Chi master you can see many of the Tai Chi set moves incorporated into his presentation.

Geoff was the second speaker at The Castle that day along with John Davis from The Rainbow Power Company in Nimbin who gave an overview of solar power.

This Vimeo video copy is Part Two of a DVD filmed and produce by Paul Tait from Gaia Films in Nimbin who has kindly given permission to upload Geoff's part of the lecture in full and make it publicly available at no charge. The full DVD, including the talk on solar power, is still available from Paul for a very nominal price.

You can find out all about the Biochar movement now from the primary person who continued Geoff's work by exploring Paul Taylor's website with links to purchase his new book (in paper and PDF) which contains a formal dedication to Geoff.

Paul Taylor appeared at The Castle after Geoff's accident and Paul Tait also filmed his lecture which is available from Paul Taylor or Paul Tait

Please note that this current Vimeo video version here was extracted at a lower resolution from the original DVD to fit here in full and the image has degraded slightly from the original DVD in the processing. It has developed strange artefacts (speckles) in the very bright sections, particularly on the white projection screen. These do not appear on the original DVD if you purchase it and a 'cleaner' copy will be uploaded here if it becomes available.


Geoff Moxham R.I.P. 1950-2009

Geoff was an Industrial Arts Teacher in 1977, teaching at North Ryde, just down from the Psychiatric Hospital. But when the deputy refused permission to show the rather subversive 16mm film he and the kids made, in the last 2 weeks of the year, he resigned on that the last day of the year, and went out and hired a projector to show them their film.

Then he went to the first and best Confest at Cotter River ACT, with hundreds of ecstatic naked dancing hippies. It was a germinal event for life-path decisions.

Since then Geoff traveled Australia in a Kombi, stayed on several communities, stayed in a Tibetan monastery for 4 years, then settled in Terania Creek, after being asked to revisit the site of the protest he participated in, which culminated in the first rainforest rescue from protest in the world. He lived on an intentional community there since1982.

Always an inventive type he lived amongst piles of debris collected from the activity of his alter-ego Prof Pullaparts. This delighted his three year old son and seven year old daughter and frustrated the shit out of his wonderful spouse.

He detested money and compulsively 'un-tainted' his pockets upon walking in the door. He was #4 in the local LETS system, and was at the first meeting (how else could you get that number?) in 1987. In 2000, he launched a local folding cash currency using waterproof notes which was the first inter-LETS currency in the world.

Geoff has played with parabolic solar but weather here in the sub-tropics tends to limit direct insolation. Charcoal making, however, can go on rain or shine, and makes fertile soils good for the seventh generation in just 4 years. That was the current project....

Regrettably, on Thursday afternoon, 27th August 2009, Geoff was fatally injured in a freak accident in the forest on his community at Terania Creek. While cutting pole trees for the new kiln roof rafters, some vines that were entangled in a nearby tree behind him, pulled down the top of that tree which then fell where he was standing.

Recently, Geoff had started referring to himself as a "RAD Hippy" meaning 'Radical, Adamant and Determined'. He will be missed.

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