Feb 25, 2012

Small Farms Library - Journey to Forever

Small farms library http://journeytoforever.org/farm_library.html
City farms
Organic gardening
Small farms
Introduction Sustainable farming Small farms fit References
Small farm resources
Back to the land
Small farms
Soil management
Sustainable farming
General resources
Food storage and preservation
Useful databases
Community-supported farms
Farming with trees
Agroforestry Bamboo Resources
Farming with animals
Introduction Livestock resources Cattle Sheep General Draft animals
Introduction Pasture resources Silage
Pigs for small farms
Why pigs have snouts Raising pigs on soil in Japan Lady Eve's pigs Pigs on pasture Pig resources
Poultry for small farms
Muscovy ducks Khaki Campbell ducks Chickens Geese Rabbits Guineafowl General tips High-protein poultry feed from thin air Poultry as unpaid labour They're not pets Doing it
Poultry resources
Aquaculture for small farms
Introduction Aquaculture resources
Composting for small farms
Foundation On-farm composting resources
Controlling weeds and pests
Weeds Weed control resources Insect pests No pesticides Insect control resources

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