Jan 20, 2012

Mark Lakeman on Urban Permaculture: City Repair, Re-patterning the Grid, Solar Cat Palace - YouTube

by amillison on Jan 11, 2012

URBAN PERMACULTURE: Mark Lakeman describes the origins of the City Repair Project, talks about re-patterning the Roman grid, and leads us through the world's first Solar Powered Cat Palace! Mark is the founder of City Repair, Communitecture architects, and the Planet Repair Institute. Links to his work are at the end of the video. This video is part of a series produced by Andrew Millison of www.beaverstatepermaculture.com as part of Oregon State University's Permaculture program, where online and site based Permaculture courses are offered. The video was filmed and edited in the summer of 2010 by Norm Scott of www.scottmedia.com.

Interesting history lesson... Monte

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