Sep 7, 2011

Ed's biochar tech - Stove types and how to get them

Ed Revill, organic farmer, engineer, 
and biochar stove designer, 
is one, smart, cool dude...!!!
Well worth watching and learning 
his extensive knowledge 
of sustainable living, carbon sequestering, 
economics of post carbon world...
Brilliant man...!!!

Ed Revill gives the low-down on biochar-producing stoves and how they can be harnessed to convert chemical energy stored in wood into useful heat and nutrient retaining, "carbon negative" charcoal known as biochar.

Ed Revill talks about his new hybrid rocket stove which creates biochar using twin chambers: one for high-oxygen combustion and one for low-oxygen pyrolysis. He also discusses how he envisions it being used.

Continued discussion of the hybrid rocket stove at Small Is... Festival 2011. Smokeless operation and TLUD design also mentioned

Ed Revill moves on from the technical aspects of his hybrid rocket stove to a broader discussion of the potential of the technology: for climate change mitigation, increased soil productivity and nutrient retention, and the survival of homo sapiens. Also criticises George Monbiot's article on biochar (6:10) and how to experiment yourself with biochar production and use.

Discussion of biochar in general terms. What is it useful for? Which biochar production techniques are not sustainable? How could it impact vegetable yields? Are there better uses of charcoal than outdoor barbecues? Ed Revill, organic farmer and biochar stove designer, explains his views.

In this final video Ed summarises his thoughts on biochar production through custom-built hybrid rocket stoves. Want to build one? Some prerequisites of production are mentioned. There's also a typology of rocket stoves toward the end of this video.

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