Jun 19, 2011

Fukuoka gets better soil with no-till

Larry Korn spent three years with Masanobu fukuoka and did the translation for the excellent book "One Straw Revolution".

He is now a permaculture instructor in Ashland, Oregon. Larry gives a bit of his background especially as it reflect on his time with Fukuoka. He explains how he studied soil and plant nutrition in college. I think the key point in this video is where he talks about in college how bad plowing is. His college professor says "we just don't know how to grow food any other way". 

Years pass and he meets Fukuoka. Who has far superior soil and is growing food without plowing. Larry explains the sustainability of living there. They produced 95% of their own food from an edible food forest. Relevant threads at permies: http://www.permies.com/permaculture-forums/2214_0/permaculture/masanobu-fukuoka music by Jimmy Pardo

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